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The Process

The Design Process

At Tiny Anchor Studios, I like to divide the design process into 5 phases. The design process is a collaborative effort and at each phase I will be providing ideas but client feedback is essential to the final product. Here is a brief explanation of the design process so you know what to expect.

Phase I: Consultation 

The first phase in the process is really about getting to know one another and the space. I will set up a time, approximately one to two hours, to come look at the space. This is an opportunity to get to know you, what your wants and needs are, your expectations, and a feel for your design aesthetic. I will also take some time to take measurements of the space to I can upload them into my CAD software which will be essential to giving you accurate drawings throughout the process. 





                                          Space Dimensions

Phase II: Layout

After entering into a design agreement, I will use the measurements taken at your consultation to give alternative floor plan options. They will be uploaded into a special CAD program designed specifically for architecture and interior design. These will be black and white line drawings that will allow you to focus on the basic footprint of the space. You will have a chance to provide me with feedback, make tweaks, and choose your final layout. This is especially helpful in kitchens and bathrooms when changing the spaces. It will provide you with a visual of how the space will function.




                                        Line Drawing

Phase III: Finish Options

As crucial as finding a properly function floor plan is in designing the space, finishes is where it all comes together. Knowing the layout, and placement of finishes and textures will help in determining what is best for the space. Sharing resources such as Houzz and Pinterest will allow me to get a peek into your aesthetic and be a great starting point. I will offer a couple idea boards that can show how different colors, textures, and materials work together. Pick your favorite board, or a combination of the two, and this will be used when doing the final drawings. 




                                        Idea board 

Phase IV: Applying Finshes & Final Drawing

Now, layout has been decided, as well as the finishing materials so this is where we merge the two. I will take the layout that you chose in Phase II and the selections in Phase III and join the two in the CAD software. This will provide you with complete drawings and renderings so you will know exactly what to expect. This can be used as a visual for you, but also as you move into the process of hiring a contractor to make this image become a reality.  





                                        CAD Drawing









                                        3D Rendering

Phase V: Sourcing

After your final design has been completed in a virtual space, I can help assist in implementation. This can be in sourcing and shopping for tile, countertops, flooring, lighting and fixtures and figuring out how everything comes together to meet your expectations within your budget.